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    Question Receiver Help... New or keep old one?

    Hi Folks,
    My first post here. I need some unbiased help. I live in Vermont with no higher end Audio store within 2 hours, that's why I need help. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V1050 receiver which I have had for about 12 years. Still works great. I just upgraded to RBH MC6 Series speakers for a surround setup, including a TS-12AP sub. I have thought about upgrading to the Yamaha rx-V2400 to get some of the new features and more power to the rear speakers. I mostly listen to music, but love the idea of a home theater setup. The up-conversion from composite to component looks like a nice feature too. Are the new receivers that much better then mine (sound quality wise) or just more bells and whisltes. Is the RX-V2400 a good choice or should I go with something else? Is the RX-v1050 still worth anything or is it too old? My budget is about $800-$900. I also looked at the Onkyo NR901 with networking built in. Any comments.

    Thanks for the help everyone.

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    If your current receiver doesn't support DD 5.1 (and probably it doesn't at 12 years old), moving to a receiver that supports 5.1 or higher would be considered a valid reason for spending the cash on a new receiver. Well recorded 5.1 soundtracks can add a noticeable level of realism and clarity. This would only be for the enthusiasts though. When watching movies most people are distracted by the visuals and dialog, enough so that incremental improvements in sound quality (ie DPL vs DD)probably aren't worth what you will have to pay. In spite of the hyperbole. If you plan on buying and listening to a lot of multichannel audio, moving to a receiver that supports multichannel will be a must. Bottom line, consider carefully what you really want before you drop the cash. Yamaha product tends to live forever. I have an R100 and DSP-A3090 that are as robust and reliable as when they were new.

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    if you want to go in for new receivers you should consider marantz, denon, nad. Each one of them make excellent receivers.


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    I would go ahead and spend the money to upgrade for your HT system. That being said, for two channel/music listening keep your present Yamaha as you are happy with it and use your old speakers for it. Best of both worlds, IMO.

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