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    RCA Model VMP64W WAL. GR. Serial # 93920110 RECORD PLAYER

    Hello fellow forum friends,
    I am in desperate need of locating a line cord or power cord for the above unit. I recently received this player from my Grandfather who passed away. This unit was made to be portable. The cord is removable and somehow was separated from the unit before it was realized. This item is a treasure to me as it was played for countless hours at a time as a child. With it I received his extensive album collection. I would please me so much to be able to recount and recapture these moments in time. I have searched the internet to no avail. If anyone knows of any companies that may deal with older items such this I would be very grateful. This cord is not a normal cord, it has a square female end with 2 very small slots, more of a electronic type connection.

    Thank you in advance

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    my best suggestion is to post over at AudioKarma in the Vintage or DIY section

    Pics will also be helpful

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    Hey Phat Daddy. I just acquired one of these systems today. If it would help you for me to take a pic of cable and send it to you, let me know. Is it possible that a "standard" detachable cable could be used?

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