• 03-02-2004, 07:17 PM
    please help me : Don't know what audio to choose
    Dear All,
    I have just bought a NAD 521BEE CD player with a C320BEE Amp and I also have a very ****ty Kenwood DVD/Cd/TApe cassette all in one, which does have surround speakers.
    Anyway I was wondering what to do with it, I don't know whether to just leave my NAD system for listening to music and have my Kenwood for watching movies and playing video games ....... or should I hook up my Sony DVD player and Playstation 2 to my NAd system, even though it is only 2 channel ??? and have everything going through my NAD system .....

    Any advice would be great cause I really have no clue about what to do, thanks in advance
  • 03-02-2004, 08:28 PM
    Well...depends if you wanna spend money...and if you got the space. I dont know how junky your Kenwood is...but playing games probably doesnt require the same quality as other uses such as music. I assume that the NAD components are quite a bit more pricey than the kenwood as is the quality. So I would get some decent speakers for it and place them in a room. well...unless of course you only have one room! In that case...if you were to use 1...then use the NAD of course! you just bought it dont let it go to waste. Of course, keep in mind that IMO, quality of music is more important than quality in movies. You may have other priorities, of course, which is cool. I guess it's all comprimise.