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    Plaza Audio-- Good? Bad?

    They have pretty amazing prices. What has been your experience with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc
    They have pretty amazing prices. What has been your experience with them?
    Marc; I picked this up on a search. This could apply to many of the brands that they are selling. This could mean that if they go out of business, you could be out of luck if what you bought has any sort of problem.

    PLAZA AUDIO's DEALER NETWORK will honor the original manufacturer

    warranty exactly as stipulated by the manufacturer for the full length of the

    original warranty. In the event you should require service on your

    equipment within the warranty period, we will arrange to pick up,

    repair and return the item at our expense.

    Plaza Audio is not an authorized reseller of Pioneer consumer Electronic products,

    and Pioneer consumer electronics Purchased from this website do not

    carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

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    Grey Market ?

    Some brands do have very high out-of-the-box reliability. You can check brand frequency of repair stats at Consumer Reports. Then decide if you want to gamble or not. CD/DVD players have country codes, so you have to be sure you get a player coded for your country. But I doubt the deal you get will be as good as you should get.

    Some dealers on eBay sell 'obsolete' units for reduced prices, but many times not reduced enough.

    If I were going to buy Grey Market I would find an offshore dealer for a real deal. Some of my associates were in China last year where they bought Eddy Bauer Gore-Tex jackets for $25 from a street vendor. The Eddy Bauer US price was $160.

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