PC to Reciever

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  • 02-09-2005, 03:44 PM
    PC to Reciever
    I saw a few other posts here on this subject and read them all, but none of them really related to my question. So here goes.

    I'm in the military and stationed in Puerto Rico. The radio stations here are... Spanish.

    So I would like to connect my PC to my Denon 3803 for internet radio and and to be able to listen to some Music, NPR or BBC and such.
    I have read alot about problems people have with low quality using mini RCA to connect the two. and unfortunantly I have optical on my Mobo but it is not an option with the run that I have to make between the two components in 2 diff rooms.
    Does anyone know of a Sound card with Coax Digital out? Anyone have one they really like?
    I really want an internal PCI card solution rather than any more cables or boxes.

    Any help would be appreciated
  • 02-09-2005, 03:59 PM
    Hey Stew,

    try the M-Audio Transit Its external, but many audiophiles prefer external USB soundcards to internal ones. This unit seems to be a favorite amongst audiophiles. You can use as long a USB cable as you need and a short digital cable to your receiver, and you are all set with great sound. I use a different M-Audio model the Audiophile USB, which is more expensive because of its recording capability, separate power supply, etc.

  • 02-09-2005, 11:09 PM
    If you have a decent sound card (find that even the built-in sound on some newer motherboards is quite good), using the analog output should work fine. Think alot of problems are caused by people trying to split the output on the sound card and send the signal to the stereo and computer speakers at the same time. Sure you could find some kind of switchbox to solve this problem, or just switch plugs when necessary.