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    Paradigm Fan

    Just saying hello to my fellow audiophiles!
    Samsung 55" LED 240hz 8000 ~ Paradigm Studio 100's ~ Paradigm CC690 ~ Paradigm ADP590 ~ Pioneer Elite SC27 ~ Monster Power Center HTS3500 ~ PS3 ~ DirecTV DVR ~ SVS PB13-Ultra

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    Hello, and welcome from another Paradigm fan. I own a set of Studio 60's V.5, and couldn't be happier with them.

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    Does your Samsung 240 Hz confer a clear advantage over 120 Hz?

    I still have a Vizio "HD-ready monitor" LCD that I bought 7 years ago (?) that has a remarkable lack of motion blur. It was a standout compared to all the other LCD screens.

    I wanted a larger screen so we switched to a 120 Hz Samsung-with-highly-rated-speakers. [Then I connected Mackies as external speakers.]

    The later-model Vizio LCD screens I saw were not so good at preventing motion blur.....

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