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    OPPO 93 Beta release available to select few

    I just got an email from OPPO with an exclusive offer to get a 93 now with beta firmware before official release date. I emailed them back to ask that date.

    It also comes with an extended return to be 30 days after official release to give you time for the updates.

    The product page still says List Price $599 and crossed out with $499 below it leading one to believe that it is going to sell for 6 bills and not 5. I also asked about that in my reply.

    Hmmmm, should I do it or wait for the official release?

    EDIT: Before I ever hit post, OPPO replied to my email with the following--

    The List Price has always been $100 more than the actual MSRP. The reason for this is that it helps sell players by claiming a price difference, even if there is none.

    The player will be $499 now and $499 for its entire lifespan.

    Unfortunately at this time we do not know when a Release Candidate firmware will occur nor when the player will be Official released.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Service
    OPPO Digital, Inc.

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    I got this email as well, and went ahead and placed my order. I am so pleased with the performance of BDP-83, I am willing to buy a BDP-93 un-reviewed, untested, and sight unseen.
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    I'm Special!!!!

    I got the same invite. I'm passing though. 5 bills is Junior's laptop for college. Gotta pass.


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    I think I'm gonna pass also.

    I work for a software company and the last thing I need is to troubleshoot and hotfix a new player. I don't watch enough movies and can wait until a fully and properly working model is released.

    I've been using a crappy little Denon DVD player with no HDMI for so many years, a few more months won't bother me. I'm still going to get one the minute the official release is announced.

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    oppo 93

    here is a reply from Oppo to my inquiry about the 83. So this says the new 93 will be available between nov and early next year. you can check out their web site

    ]Unfortunately the production of all of our Blu-ray players has been stopped indefinitely. We will not be selling these products any further.

    The BDP-83 will be replaced by the BDP-93. We anticipate the BDP-93 being released between November and early-next-year.

    You can read the preliminary features and specifications of the BDP-93 on our website ( and sign up to be notified about the release of the player on our website (

    The BDP-83SE will be replaced by the BDP-95, but no release date, price, or specifications are available at this time.

    The BDP-80 will not be replaced.[/I]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Terrence the Terrible
    I got this email as well, and went ahead and placed my order. I am so pleased with the performance of BDP-83, I am willing to buy a BDP-93 un-reviewed, untested, and sight unseen.
    When do you expect to get yours? Please let us know what you think when you get it and as you play with it.

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    Pulled the trigger

    Well after selling off a few things I came up with enough cash to order the new 93. I read countless reviews, forums and other info to make me feel good enough about this new player to buy one. I ordered from Audioholics with free shipping and some kind of extended 3 year warranty that I need to get more details about.

    I don't plan to use all the features and capabilities of this player but they will be there if I ever decide to do so. At the last minute, they also added 3D playback to this unit, not that I will be in the market anytime soon.

    Here is a link to a very extensive thread of bug issues and fixes, how-to Q&A, and links to other threads related to streaming and configuration. I found it to be my best resource while making my decision.

    I am unsure of the delivery date but it should be early next week.

    Happy Birthday to me!

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