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    operating temp for a TV

    I have my classic 1987 Mits 20in TV stored in my rec room which is unheated. I just went to turn it on for the first time in a year and nada nothing is coming on not even the channel indicator light.
    I am wondering if it is too cold in the unheated room, it is maybe 45-50.

    I could move it up to the house and warm it up and see if it works but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the issue.

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    Under normal conditions, the set is in 100% operating capability - NO, it doesn't matter, a temperature of 45-50 degrees would be well within it's operating range and the set SHOULD play just fine.

    That being said, a bad connection or cold solder joint, cracked PC board, bad switch, etc, could cause it to be temperature sensitive and not work in a 45-50 degree environment.

    The only way to know will be to move it to a room temperature environment, allow time for it to "normalize" and give it a try.

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