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Thread: An Observation

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    An Observation

    I noticed something awhile back, and after mulling it around for awhile, finally decided to write something about it. First, let me just point out what it was that I noticed according to some raw data:

    Here is a list showing the average number of posts which get generated compared to the number of threads contained in each of the respective forum boards (ppt = Posts Per Thread):

    General - 6.8 ppt

    News and Rumors - 6.5 ppt

    Home Theater - 6.0 ppt

    Speakers - 7.6 ppt

    Cables - 14.3 ppt

    Amps/Preamps - 6.5 ppt

    Analog Room - 8.4 ppt

    Digital Domain - 8.3 ppt

    Tweeks, Mods, DIY - 6.3 ppt

    Rave Recordings - 8.0 ppt

    Favorite Films - 7.9 ppt

    Vintage Gear - 3.2 ppt

    The Audio Lab - 32.8 ppt

    Notice which two catagories have the highest participation per thread on these boards? So here is why I brought this up. It wasn't all that long ago that the new management came to the forum and established "The Audio Lab" for those who wanted to argue over audibility issues, DBT's, and such. And the cry from many on these boards was that this was nothing more than an underhanded attempt at censorship; and that relegating these types of discussions from the other boards would remove all sense of objectivity from them. Part of my arguments at the time were that if these issues were indeed as popular as was claimed, there should be plenty of impetus to support a board dedicated to them; and if there wasn't, then finally, the other boards would be freed of the constant barrage put forth by what amounted to a select few: For those of you who've been around here for awhile, you know that at different times, these boards have been litterally overrun and monopolized by this group.

    Well, I would just like to say for the record that I don't believe all objectivity has been removed from the other boards since the Audio Lab was created -- I never conceded the concept that "objectivity" was the private domain of those in the so called objectivist camp anyway. And I believe that by and large, very good and mostly practical advice is given on these boards, and I do believe that the removal of this specific debate from the boards has unburdened them, freed up the flow of ideas and discussion, and made them more interesting pleasant places to visit. As for the "subjectivist -vs- objectivist" debate, I believe the numbers here support my claim that it is a relatively limited group who wishes to engage in these discussions, but that there is ample participation from those who do, to support a dedicated board. The Audio Lab board far and away exceeds any other board for participation per the number of threads generated; so it looks to me like those who want to have these discussions are doing just that. The fact that the sheer number of threads generated on a board like the HT board far outnumbers those on the Audio Lab board confirms for me that this is where the larger interest lays. We didn't see a mass migration from these other boards to the Audio Lab board because MOST PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO HAVE THAT CONVERSATION! I say there is nothing wrong with that. That was my point, not so long ago.


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    On the whole, I agree.

    Initially, there was a propensity of at least one ex moderater who would antigonize objectivests and then delete any post that rebutted him. He was trying to turn this into another Cable Asylum where only one view was tolerated, ala AA CA.

    Fortunately, that is no longer an issue. Cooler heads prevailed, saw where this was heading and "lightened up" on the enforcement in the cable frorum and instituted the Audio Lab. At the time the AL was instituted, this forum was in the throes of change and was looked on with skepticism which, considering the gestapo like "moderation" at the time at the time, was understandable.

    When the main delete happy moderator left town things returned to a fairly comfortable equilibrium. He's happy now at AA CA following the party line, where never is heard a discouraging word.

    As it now stands, people of differeing opinions and inclinations can pretty freely discuss almost anything almost anywhere, assuming a bit of maturity and respect for each other's opinions is maintained. Now, here objectivests and subjectivests may jibe each other but it's all done in a (hopefully) friendly manner.

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    Talking Q, you've got too much time on your hands buddy!

    I don't even want to think about how long it took you to compile those stats!

    As with Mark, I think this place has found a good middle ground and quite frankly, I think it's a better place now that my integrity isn't questioned at every turn. Unfortunately, there was a small cadre of haters that simply made life here miserable. It's too bad so many good members left in the wake of the turnover, if they took a peek back I think they'd find that their doomsday predictions were never realized.

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    "Q, you've got too much time on your hands buddy!"

    No, I don't! It is a rare thing that I've had the chance to post as much as I have lately; but I'm enjoying myself.

    "It's too bad so many good members left in the wake of the turnover..."

    Yes. In my opinion, this move should have been made years ago (something I suggested, encourged, and supported) and it might have prevented the huge decline in the forum quality and sight activity. For ol' timers, such as myself, this place is only a shell of its former self and I am doubtful that it will ever return to its previous stature.

    "...if they took a peek back I think they'd find that their doomsday predictions were never realized."

    That's because I don't think they ever believed their own rhetoric: What they REALLY FEARED would happen has indeed come to pass -- those types of specific debates and discussions have their own board now, and it is obvious from the numbers that within that small group, there is much activity. What does not happen here anymore is the "hi jacking" of threads to turn every discussion to this topic; in a sense limiting all of the discussions that take place to the subject matter that was intended for the Audio Lab board. This may not be to their liking, but I think it obviously is an improvement and is supported by the vast majority of those who frequent these boards. I don't think folks feel nearly as harassed or intimidated about posting, and as you said...

    "...I think it's a better place now that my integrity isn't questioned at every turn."

    I think you're right and I think the majority of others here would agree.


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