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    Non-audiophile needs advice on cd changer

    I know we are dinosaurs in this field and will stay that way -- my husband just learned how to send e-mail. We had to replace all equip. 18 mths ago when we lost all in a house fire. Way too much to deal with so I took easy route and replaced with all Sony components. The cd changer (cdp-ce375) has a bad micropro. the tray stays out and just spins (makes it a little difficult to even send back) & Sony said they'll exchange for refurb for $84. It's clear from info on web that this is a common problem. I'd like to just replace it with another changer that might last longer than 18 mths & maybe only 100hrs (when you're rebuilding we don't have a lot of time for toys). I'd like to stay with cd format, we rarely watch movies, etc. (dvd player does work) & we have over 300 cds (classical to bluegrass to reggae). The technics SLM-C7 showed up in quite a few reviews, but it's discontinued -- tis the way things are going. What are y'alls suggestions? I don't have to record/burn (have a lovely Dell desktop for that) just want decent sound, some reliability, and compatible with the Sony receiver (6.1). Thanks for all ideas (except for setting fire to the system and starting over) Alice in SWColorado

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    That's actually an all too common problem with many inexpensive CD players. Some seem to lose their ability to read disks or suffer from other malfunctions after only a short while. Sometimes even happens with more expensive players after a year or so... Some last for years without developing problems...

    I bought the Technics player a couple years ago hoping to avoid this problem because of the good reviews. Mine couldn't read disks well after it warmed up after only a month's time. Ended up buying the Sony CDP-CE375 you're having problems with and it's been great so far for a couple years. It does seem that many people haven't been as lucky with this particular model or Sony players in general though... Large number of units developing problems after a short time.

    Seems like it's just the luck of the draw sometimes... I wouldn't pay that much for a refurb player. All too often, refurb units end up having some intermittent or hidden problem that was the reason for the unit's return, but didn't show up during testing. Chances of getting a "lemon" are greater when buying a refurb. A new player doesn't cost much more anyway...

    I'd try another new Sony if there are any major benefits in compatibility (using 1 remote to control multiple components etc...) Otherwise, there's a newer player by Sherwood on the market with a 3-beam pickup that sells for a little more than most 5-disk CD players and might prove to have a better quality transport than something like the Sony. There aren't many consumer reviews out there yet. So far... they look good...

    For a little less money, this JVC has been getting pretty good reviews for reliability as well...

    Don't forget to check dimensions in the specs and make sure you get a player that will fit where you need it to.

    My sympathies on the Sony... Hope you have better luck with your next player!!!
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    If you want to save some money, just use your DVD player.

    If you want convenience, we really enjoy our Sony 300CD Megachanger and it has worked well for over two years under constant use.

    I don't advise spending a lot of money on a CD player unless you are an analog nut!

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