Newbie - Help Please

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  • 01-08-2007, 05:28 AM
    Newbie - Help Please
    Hi All

    I am from South Africa, and a newbie to the forum.

    On my side of the world good audio equipment comes at a premium, and like some others on the forum have suggested, I am looking on the second hand/vintage market to get a stereo amplifier and a set of speakers. Even those markets are not that large in SA.

    The items below fall within my price range, but still have to listen to them.

    Rotel RA 985 amplifier ( This has had great reviews on the site )
    Technics SUV 620 (there is no review for this amplifier on audioreview, so any comments on this would be greatly appreciated)

    BOSTON ACOUSTICS VR40 floorstanding speakers.- These speakers are some 500km's away, so I am relying heavily on the comments on audioreview

    Rotel CD player RCD 970

    I am unsure of what cables to run between them and on the speaker stands, so I would be looking for help/advice in those areas as well.

    Uh oh , in classic newbie fashion I post in the wrong forum, please can the moderator move this to the correct one

    Thanks in advance