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    need help for wireless video cameras...

    i need two camera's for our kids rooms. I want to view them on one or two TVs. Black/White is fine...just want something decent and fair priced. Anyone with experience?

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    Here is what you need. Get an X-10 surveillance camera from X-10 website. They cost $70 and have color and you can and should get sound too. Comes with transformer to plug in camera and one for receiver that hooks up to TV. Will transmit several hundred feet.

    I have one on my Lionel train layout mounted on a flat car powered with batteries and I get an engineers view of my layout transmitted to color TV. Works great and they are very popular with the us train guys and the kids go wild seeing themselves. I make VCR vidios and stage train wrecks, etc.

    Check out a picture of the camera and car by clicking link below.

    Charlie bee

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