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    Unhappy Need Help W/ Theater Room

    I am in the process of building a Movie Room. I picked up a Mitsubishi 73 Diamond and prewired the room for 7.1. I was told to get B & W speakers and Surrounds in wall and Sub. Power all with Denon 2805. Need any information about Discount Suppliers for all. I have been waiting for this room for 10 Yrs and I want the best system I can get for the money. Any imput available would be great and welcome.

    Thanks All

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    The performance of in walls is going to be a bit of a guess I would think because most people don't get the chance to hear them. I should think B&W would be competant --- I'm not a big fan of Denon receivers -- I think if you look you may find something just as good for less money...still I'm not as current as many others here on them --- and I'm not thrilled with receivers in general. If you trust your dealer then I would take their advice and hopefully it works out...but there are few trustworthy dealers in my experience.

    Good luck

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    For in-wall installs, your choices are fairly limited. Off the top of my head, the only speakers I can think of are B&W, Paradigm, Boston, Legacy, Sonance, and Niles. Speakers are so subjective, it's hard to say what is best or worst. If you've heard the set-up your dealer is touting and thought it was OK, you should be alright. Think of it this way; you could do a lot worse.

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    I definitely would not go with inwalls unless you absolutely have to. Even the best inwalls will never match a good stand mount speaker. You'll be very limited with inwalls and there's no way to tweak the placement or even upgrade them very much.

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