I just purchased the 50" Samsung DLP and am looking for recommendations on a complementary DVD player.
I'd like to keep the price around $400.

The Samsung DVI seems an obvious choice. However, I only have one DVI input on the set so using HD satellite would require a switchbox (is that available, and if so, where)?

Any other choices? The Denons seem to get a lot of good press in general.
I bought the tele at BestBuy and they don't seem too knowledgeable about their own inventory. They essentially advised me to pick a model that had agreeable aesthetics.

Having SACD & DVD-A capability is a bonus, but by no means necessary. I hardly have time to listen to music with 2 little ones running around and usually resort to the digital music through my cable. I figure I could always add one down the line.

thanks in advance.