I recently purchased a Nad T762 receiver to use with my Monitor Audio B2 HT system. I have used, to this point, a Marantz SR780 receiver. I made this purchase due to my desire to experience all the new formats ( DTS, Pro Logic II, ES and EX ) as well as my supposition that the Nad would be sonically superior. Considering all the positve feedback and reviews, I figured that the NAD would blow the Marantz out of the water. Wrong again!

While the NAD does show a marginal improvement in imaging and soundstaging, I seem to have lost the magical midrange and the tight, forceful bass of the Marantz. The NAD, with 20 watts per channel MORE than the Marantz, sounds downright flaccid by comparison. I find myself forced to listen to CD's with my subwwofer on to try and compensate and the overall effect just isn't nearly as satisfying.

Is this a case of two good components ( NAD receiver, MA speakers ) not complimenting each others strengths? Did I buy the wrong receiver for the B2's? Or is the Marantz just a better sounding receiver for music?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.