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    NAD Gear on CL-Deal?

    This popped on the local CL for $495.

    Selling NAD 2200 Stereo Amplifier, NAD 1240 Preamplifier, NAD 4020A AM/FM Tuner, NAD C540 CD Player.

    Of course I just spent about $300 for my current line-up of mostly Kenwood gear (KT-7500 tuner, Basic C-1 preamp and Basic M1D amp). I hear a lot of positives about NAD gear but not familiar with any of these particular models. I am just wondering if it is one of those run don't walk deals or is it just a move sideways compared to what I have currently?

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    The power envelope stuff from NAD is very good at getting loud.. I found the amp to be way too harsh for extended listening, but if you have a warm system already then it may work out for you.

    it sounds like a good deal either way, thats a lot of equipment for the cash.. just keep in mind this stuff was build in the late 80's early 90's and may have some noise issues.

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