Hey Y'all! I posted in several other places and had no response; so I am here to tell you about my NADs! Wait! That did not come out right?

My NADs blown a relay!?!?

My speaker power protection relay blew on my NAD 2200 and at NAD (per Ingred) says she does not carry these anymore!

Does anyone here know where I can find NAD relays of the vintage type?I heard I can substitute the relays with IMO PRECISION CONTROLS - SRKU-1CT-SL-24VDC relays as a replacement. Basically a car relay!

Was also told I might have to trim the legs on the new relays if needed. Also was told to change the resistor that feeds relays (R413) might be needed to be changed to 2W, 240 Ohm metal oxide resistor.

Question is how many resistors are there? Is it per relay?