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    Exclamation My main speakers are getting granite bases

    My N803s are currently sitting on towels on my floor. I know, not very classy. I will be picking up custom cut black granite bases to support these speakers, with divots for the spikes. A stone base will also be cut for my sub with spikes. How will the new rocks under the speakers affect the sound? Has anyone ever done this or heard of this done?
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    It should reduce vibration, which, as a result, should tighten up the bass some, and prehaps reduce some high-frequency hash as a result of EM self-distortion (not sure of the correct technical term). What's underneath the towels? Cold hard floor, or carpet? Ditto granite?
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    The towels are on hardwood floors. I suspect that bass will tighten up, as the speakers will be better coupled with the floor. Could the bass also become bloated because the speakers will be more directly linked to the floor? These speakers are so heavy already that I doubt much improvement will be gained by the new solid foundations. If you can't already tell, I am counting down the minutes to picking them up

    Aside from the possible acoustic benefits, the aesthetic improvement should be huge!
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