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    A Momenent of Silence...

    ...for my trusty old Carver receiver. It was old. It was loud. It served me faithfully for 18 years. Yesterday, it finally said "enough!", unfortunately just before the half of the Pittsburgh game. It looks like a terminal condition, an awful hum coming from the power supply.

    A quick trip to Radio Sh*t to try a fuse had me scrambling to hook the mains back into the AV receiver. The sound is good enough, it just doesn't have the punch it used to have. Not even close. I am in the market for a big old-school power amp, 150 watt range. Something vintage, naturally. Father-in-law has a pristine Adcom 545 that might fit the bill. I might try to pick up an old Carver TFM with the cool analog meters.



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    What about...

    Quote Originally Posted by jocko_nc
    ...Recommendations? jocko
    ...A qualified service center?...Unless there is something wrong with some odd-ball proprietary or otherwise unavailable part, to a good tech an amp is an amp is an amp...most parts have suitable substitutions available even if they don't have an the OEM label.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jocko_nc
    ...for my trusty old Carver receiver.
    Repair classics. Replace everything else. I suggest you look into buying a Panny XR receiver.


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    I've got an TFM 55 for sale...

    405 wpc...silly huh?'s a peach! I'd swap for a guitar or some other music equipment...a nice pre wit a phone stage...somefinn...or take $$$.

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