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    Looking at spending 800. What speakers should I get

    Hi all.

    Newbie here.

    I have about 800 to spend and I'm looking at getting some nice speakers to give me a nice 5.1 or similar effects.

    I was looking at Bose, but reading the posts here it sounds like I should look at alternatives.

    Could you please advise.

    Also, Should I be getting an AMP to connect the speakers to via TV DVD player etc, or should I be looking at something more integrated.

    I look forward to your replies.

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    are you dead set on getting 5.1 immediately, or would you consider a receiver, and fronts/center to start, and connect sub and surrounds later? What do you have now? (T.V. DVD. receiver, any speakers, etc)

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    B&W 686's and a nice sub! Stay away from bose unless you just are in the mood to give your money away.
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    Hi Veej,

    Also would have a listen to KEF's and Monitor Audio's speaker packages. What might be best, is to go and have a listen at a hi-fi audio/video store to get an idea of the sound, then, patiently, wait for some good examples to come up on ebay or such like. Given that your in the U.K. (I assume) you'd have to search for something somewhat locally. The KEF's strongpoints include excellent imaging, and a more organic feel to the music. KEF speakers are voiced to be essentially neutral, so may not be perfect for you If your inclined to a sound that is obviously tilted to the bass. I do know their multi-speaker system offers tremendous bang for the buck (or the pound in your case). Monitor Audio speakers are real over-acheivers also. Their RS6 Silver, a floorstander, is one of Robert J. Reina's favourite speakers, even given they are more along the lines of an entry level model. Their multi-channel pagkage is very highly rated also. Again, advisable to listen then wait for the right deal on the used market given your financial budget. Don't accept anything that is not in great condition, or that is from a seller that has less than excellent ratings.

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