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    Little help needed

    Here`s what I have going, I already have a Adcom GFA 555 amplifier, I love it, here`s the plan, I plan on purchasing either 4 more GFA 555`s or a GFA 5503
    with plans on having these drive my upcoming speakers, which will be B&W 703 for main speakers and my current 602 s3 for the rears and a yet to be determined cenetr channel. How or what kinda of preamp do I need to accomplish this? I`m kind of drawing a blank on how to hook this up. Basically I want to drive all the B&W`s with their own ampifier, Any help appreciated.


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    Jerry, you will need a preamp processor (also called A/V or HT preamp). Adcom makes one and a bit more money will get you into a Rotel. You would just hook each preamp out to the power amp for that particular channel. I'd strongly suggest you get whatever center speaker matches the 703.'s, voice/timbre matching speakers across the front are a must for optimum sound quality. You would go from your DvD players digital audio out into the processor.

    If you have a problem finding that many 555's, Marantz made some monoblocks that were reasonably priced new and received decent press.

    Give me some budget and I will try to find you some suggestions, if needed.

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    This is the best way to design a system, using multiple stereo or mono power amps driven by a good processor, as each channel has its own power supply. I use a Krell processor and Bryston power amps.

    Hook up is no more difficult than using a receiver with the exception of your power amp connections. All of your sources go to the processor. You are surely headed in the right direction.

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