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    Jocko and the Thrifts...

    Yea, I'm still a Goodwill junkie and my basement is rapidly becoming filled with used stereo equipment.

    Check this out: Carver C-2 preamp and Harmon Kardon Citation 22 amp. $20.00 each. Muhahaha!!!!!! Some days are better than others. You never know what you will find on the shelf.

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    Goodwill Hunting

    Good score Jocko. I will roll with you to the end. I think it'll be g to sell some on Agon to newbies in our community. Just mark'em up 4-500%. Everybody wins.

    I think I will go next week to see who's waiting.

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    My Lady certainly wants me to start selling... I'm not there yet, I have a lot to learn and enjoy playing with my toys too much.

    My collection is getting better and better, however. I almost never pay full Ebay resale. The more "good" stuff I get the more likely I will part with some.


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    Good finds and good prices. I need to start shopping for classic bargains. After all I only have two systems in the apartment.
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    Here is a partial list, amps and receivers:

    Pioneer SX780 (2) receivers
    Pioneer SA6800 / TA6800 amp and tuner
    Carver C-2 preamp
    Harmon Kardon Citation 22 power amp
    Kenwood KA9100
    Yamaha CT400 / CA400 amp and tuner
    Yamaha CR620 receiver
    Harmon Kardon 330C receiver
    Sansui AU-D9 amp
    Sansui 2000A receiver
    NAD705 receiver

    And I'm still lookin'


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