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    It's so sad when integrity rears its ugly head.

    Re-posted from StereoMojo's James Darby at RMAF:

    Harry Pearson leaves the Absolute Sound

    After 40 years,Harry leaves the pioneering magazine he founded. It's been no secret that he was not happy with his diminished role at TAS since he was unceremoniously ousted as the publisher and editor several years ago.

    He is starting his own webzine named HPSoundings. In a statement from a circular distributed at the show,he says, "We shall bring back the idealisms, integrity and love of the music that prompted me to found 'The Absolute Sound' years ago". He adds,it will be "beholden to no one save its readers".

    To us, this strongly implicates a lack of integrity and being "beholden" to advertisers that plagues not only TAS, but virtually every other high-end audio publication,

    Something we have been saying from day one.

    That is the reason Stereomojo was founded 8 years ago.

    We hope Harry finds his true voice once again and we wish him nothing but happiness and success.
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    They also let Sue Kraft go without telling her why. That info is on the critics board of audioasylum. But it's pretty shabby treatment.

    I am fortunate enough to work at a magazine where advertisers have no influence on my reviews.

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