Its Know Wonder!!

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  • 10-02-2013, 12:02 PM
    harley .guy07
    Its Know Wonder!!
    Its know wonder the companies like Best Buy are suffering sales on audio components to online retailers. I went to my local BB today to get a quick listen to the Pioneer speakers that Andrew Jones designed just to see what all the fuss was about with how good they were for the money. And while I was impressed with them in the way they looked I really could not get a since of how they sounded because one - the volume knob was broke off of the receiver controlling the floorstanding speakers and the bookshelf models were playing a radio station that was muffled and barely coming in. Two - they had all the speakers sitting there just thrown on a shelf where some lazy person just unpacked them and left them to sit with no attention to space between them or anything else.

    I know this is not news to anyone over the last few years but I have been in some supposed audiophile shops that do the same kind of thing and all the time they complain that people will buy on line to save a few bucks. Well if the shops aren't going to give you a reason to stay and listen to the speakers set up properly then why should I give them more money than an online retailer.

    Plus any time I go to one of my local shops they seem to want to give you any of their time if you are not willing to replace everything in your system with their lines or willing to spend thousands of your money replacing components that you already are happy with.

    I don't know how many times when I was shopping for a preamp back in 2011 I would go into the local shops and all I would get was how I need to get this preamp and also change my front end and my amplifier as well. I can understand someone in sales trying to get more of a sale out of me but to go to the extent to slam the stuff I have in order to do it is a whole other thing.

    I guess in all this what I am saying is that I used to work in this field and I never acted like some of these shop owners and there sales people and I would not act like some of them. If you have shops in your respective areas that aren't like that then great I would suggest you spread the word about the few shops left that are like that and maybe we can do something about stores out there that act like what I have described.
  • 10-02-2013, 12:48 PM
    I detest the attitude of the local audio shops. When I went to hear the Paradigm Studio 20's they asked what my budget is. I told them and they would only demo for me the 20's due to my stayed budget. Even though I could go higher why spend much time since I only wanted two speakers for two grand. They did not try to demo anything better but wanted me to buy them right then. They never suggested I come back and give them a second listen. I was the only customer in the store.

    Another shop where I wanted to hear a Musical Fidelity int. amp I was asked to sit on a couch until they could find a salesman who knew about two channel. I was finally taken upstairs where I could see but not hear the integrated amp. Sitting on that couch while other customers were shown megabuck home theater systems I wonder if they thought I touched something and was in time out.

    I used to love hanging out in audio shops where the salesmen knew you and made you feel welcome. I liked the exchange of ideas and knowledge of new products they saw at trade shows. You could stop in several times a week to listen to new speakers you were considering.

    I stopped in my local Best Buy because I need a new landline phone. I wanted a Panasonic model and and did not see one on display. Since Best Buy is largely self serve in my town it took a walk around the store trying to find a clerk. No they did not have one and I would have to wait until 10/14 for it. No stock, no service, must be Best Buy.

    Today I buy very little from stores. I order online and wait for the familiar rumble of the UPS truck.
  • 10-02-2013, 07:15 PM
    Mr Peabody
    It does seem to defy logic doesn't it. You want customers to buy from you give them a reason. I've been doing business with a store here for about 15 years, my last visit two sales reps stood and talked with a guy while a friend and myself waited to hear a turntable, maybe it was an off day, who knows, but it left a bad impression in my mind. Another high end store you have to make an appointment, I emailed back & forth some time in the spring, the guy was supposed to get back with me for an appointment and never did, I figured he had several emails and memory of conversation why should I remind him, I did though because I really wanted to hear the Well Tempered Labs, he said he had to get some tables set back up and he'd contact me, well I've yet to hear from him and I'm not about to contact him back. I didn't want to buy a turntable off the net because I'm more plug and play, wanted it set up correctly for me but it's looking more like buying off the net and having it set up by a tech shop in town. There is another option and the guy is great on service but he sometimes doesn't have things to listen to and limited brands in some areas. The last thing I bought at Best Buy was my wife an Ipad, I have to admit the guys working in that area were great, helpful and knew their stuff. Maybe it depends on the store location or maybe BB has shifted focus. I still can't see carrying a product in a store you aren't willing to give your full attention and support to.
  • 10-19-2013, 06:31 PM
    these speakers are at a giveaway price for theiur excellent quality of sound. i bought them on amazon for $90 delivered and put them down in place of my spendor s3/5s (~800/pr) and i am in no hurry to put the spendors back in place.

    BUY 'em and be happy. some things can just be bought sight/sound unseen/heard. this is one of them. read the reviews in tas and stereophile, by now you can trust those people.