I have a question that I hope the experts on here can help me with. I am trying to get our communication system for our sports broadcasting to work in another building around 1 mile away using Dante. I have a clearcom system in our studio and plan on hooking that up to an Eartec headset system in the other building. Eartec has an interface that hooks into the Clearcom audio and converts it or something and then that goes into a hub that transmits the wireless signal to the headsets.

We are going to use the Dante system to transmit the audio from our studio to the other building and back for crosstalk. My design guy seems to think that I will need more than what Eartec offers to get audio back and forth. He says the question then would be how to separate the intercom transmit and receive audio. With only one audio line, I don't know how you would handle bidirectional audio. Does anyone know if the Eartec system with the Clearcom interface needs anymore gear to make it work?

My designer seems to think it needs some more equipment. Since not using the Eartec system before he is not sure how it will work. Here is what he thinks:....."At the remote site (new gym) it gets a little more ambiguous for me because I can't find many details on Eartec's website about their products. It looks like their interface is designed to plug into an intercom line with one cable and then another cable plugs into the hub for the headsets. It doesn't look like it's designed for line level audio (but you might talk to your rep to see if they have a product that would work that way). What I think you might have to do on the gym side would be to pull the line level audio off the Dante line (which would be an in and an out with transmit and receive audio and then take that to another TW-47 interface. That would take it back into the Clearcom world, but you'd also have to have a power supply (this would be the cheapest: PK-7 - Clear Com : Clear Com) to power the interface and drive the line that hits the Eartec device."

Is there anyone out there that knows? Eartec doesn't know how it will work with the Dante system.