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    I just got a toshiba dkr2 dvd recorder

    Yes, I saw one at a recent visit to a pawn shop and got for $85. The instruction book was there it was a good deal i thought, since I was going to spend at least $150 on one. So my question is it look over whelming to me, and how do I do a fast hook up, i have a cable box and record a tv show. Do i have to worry about bit rates and all that since it looks like you can change it? I hope it works out for me.

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    I just got a toshiba dkr2 dvd recorder
    Im Sorry ...

    LOL just kidding I wouldnt know to do with it.
    Im just trying to get on the most annoying member's list.
    There's a solution for that problem,
    Its called 2 channels

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