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    How often will you listen to that new recording?

    I guess we hope that new recording will be the one we'll listen to it twice a week for the rest of our lives. It never turns out that way. I figure if I listen to a record at all, it's about once every 4 months on average. Tthere are a very few I listen to as often as once a month.

    Of course, I listen to a record more often when it's new, say the first 6 weeks after I buy it. Even so, I might only listen 4 or 5 times.

    My collection is quite small, fewer than 500 recordings, (CDs, LPs, SACDs). Even so, over half of these, including almost all the LPs, get listened to less often than once a year. Hence the rest get listen to, on average, about once every 4-5 months, given I listen 1.5 hours a day.
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