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    how can i save my rotel 1062 from getting dust indside?

    thanks fo your advise?

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    not, but why bother?

    if you're in a really dusty envorniment, you could pop the hood once every year or so, and clean it out (with compressed air or so), but really, don't bother...

    DON'T cover it, it'll overheat.

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    Keep your house clean....

    Sorry, could stop myself.
    Maybe an air purifying system if you have a dust issue.
    Don't keep it on the top shelf.
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    What not to do

    Quote Originally Posted by binyamins
    thanks fo your advise?
    There is effectively nothing you can do to prevent dust from getting into a component. A little dust inside typically isn't a problem. Try putting the component underneath a higher shelf on your equipment rack, but note the following ...

    It is essential that the component not overheat; do not cover case grills or openings. Some componenents such as amps produce more heat and therefore need more space around, and especially above. Typically tube equipment needs 6"-8" of open space above for ventilation, (won't be the case for a Rotel 1062).

    The other thing is do not smoke; tobacco smoke will quickly coat the inside of a component with a yellow film. This might shorten the life of a component; more certainly it will reduce the resale price because it will stink quite noticably at least to a non-smoker.
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    try a 20 square fan then tape on a air filter make sure it is sealed between filter and fan,,,youll see what i mean. sound wierd, looks wierd. but it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binyamins
    thanks fo your advise?
    Best thing to do is to wrap the whole lot in a plastic bubble and start using the remote control.

    Make sure you wear latex gloves and a Hazmat Suit.
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