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    House remodel and sound system...

    My remodel is at the point where the electrician is starting to install wiring throughout the space...I need to deal with hooking up the living room sound system (I have a Bose Lifestyle unit -- two small speakers and the large "acoustimass" module) and would like to save myself a lot of frustration by having it done correctly.

    My challenge is that the redisign of my home involved removing the roof in the living room and raising the cieling so it's about 15 feet high now with windows running all along it...

    Would it be wise to install ceiling speakers that high into the clerestory's ceiling?



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    You wanted a higher ceiling for your living room then go ahead, you gonna have it done anyway. Yes the sound will be diff (more echo like hall way) if you change the shape of the room, but if you treat it with acoustic foams correctly, it could sound better than before you raise it up. Good luck.
    I'm more relaxed, impressed and enjoy to be in a room that is nice, cozy and well organized and have a $4K system in it THAN to be in a messy, stinky and un-organnized room but equipt'd with $10K system. That's just me. What's everyone else thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenpop
    Would it be wise to install ceiling speakers that high into the clerestory's ceiling?
    No. I mean, for background music, that's fine, but you don't want your primary listening speakers up there, neither for music nor for HT.
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