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    Home Theater reciver or a Stereo Reciver

    Im in the process of deciding on what I want for my Home Audio system that will Not be used for a Home Theater system, Music only.
    My question is would it be better to go with a Home Theater Reciver than a regular Stereo? Is there any advantage in this when its not to be used as a HTS?
    Same for a DvD in place of a CD player?
    For starts my system will just be a 2 speaker, Reciver/Cd set up with plans to add a secound set of speakers and Sub.
    Havent decided on speakers but they will be in the 8ohm, 150-250 watt range, possibly Paradigm,Klipsch,Energy or similar up to about a $1500.00 budget for the set.
    If the HT Reciver is the way to go, what kind of Power per channel should I look for?
    Any recomendations on a Reciver with a $500.00 budget and a CD/DVD for about a $300.00 budget do you like?

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    Hi Mark,

    I think I would get an HT receiver only if you think you might convert to multichannel audio (SACD or DVD audio) in the future. Assuming you're going with a 2 channel system, I think you should look at receivers from Harman Kardon (HK3480) or Denon (DRA395 or 685). If you want a receiver with alot of features then Denon is the way to go. If you would like a simpler setup, then I'd go with HK. All three can run 2 sets of speakers and can drive a 4 ohm speaker. As far as a CD player I think the Denon DCM380 is a decent unit which combines a changer with HDCD capability. NAD and Cambridge Audio make affordable single disc players in your budget which would be good alternatives. All these suggestions are at or below your budget figures and should give solid performance. I own an earlier model HK receiver and the Denon cdp and I think they make a good combo. I hope this helps give you a starting point. Good luck.

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