• 08-07-2014, 08:33 AM
    Highly recommended upgrade for vinyl lovers
    After 2 months of waiting, I finally got my Record Doctor from AudioAdvisor. If you're enjoying vinyl these days, you won't believe the difference a vacuum system will make to your records. For not a lot of money (especially in comparison to other vacuum systems), this little baby removes 80-90% of the pops and hiss hiding in the grooves that simple brushing or wiping won't get. Moldy, grungy records picked from garage sales/flea markets? No problem and now you don't have to worry about your stylus plowing through all of that gunk.

    Easy to use and very effective, this is frankly one of the most cost effective upgrades you can buy to improve your enjoyment of music.

    Record Doctor - V - Record Cleaning Machine - US 115v-Audio Advisor