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Thread: Hi guys

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    Hi guys

    Hi i just logged in i have been a member here for along time now. And well i have been on audio karma but i got kicked off for ever. So i am hopeing not to have the same thing happen here so i just wanted to say hi its been a long time.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    You were not banned at AudioKarma, HarmonKardonGuy

    At least according to the administrator, Kamakiri. It seems you simply made a total ahole out of yourself and attracted a lot of well deserved flak. Then, rather than be a man and owe up to the fact you screwed the pooch, you chose to run away and post this drek here.

    Would you like that story you're so proud of printed here so everyone can see the other side of this? I can do that real easy.

    Running away is one thing. Cowardly, yes, but some people see this as their only option. Had you simply cut and run it would have been bad enough and you would have only been infamous on that one site.

    But, to post a total lie saying you were banned in order to draw attention and/or sympathy to yourself is totally reprehensible.

    This does not speak well of your credibility, grasshopper. Methinks you need to do a little growing up. ...make that a LOT of growing up Even for a young teenager you've got a long way to go.
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    I am not sure what happened on any other forums, but please leave it there.
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    Well i am going to go back and own up to my responsibility and say that i am sorry.

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    1st steps are sometimes the hardest

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffBrecklin
    Well i am going to go back and own up to my responsibility and say that i am sorry.

    I know that wasnt easy. GOOD MAN
    There's a solution for that problem,
    Its called 2 channels

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    "Well i am going to go back and own up to my responsibility and say that i am sorry"

    i did that at karma and wasnt sorry for doing so. even though i was just being like minded, i offended one of their moderators. they had changed in the interim of my banning to a more hospitable atmosphere (much like AR has) and even though i was INVITED back, i was reminded i was banned.

    i made the proper amends and things have been pretty good since then. btw, i am 60yrs old. like the audio mags, we dont want to lose our sites. audio magazine and fi are sorely missed. i thought at first it was good riddance to karma but when they had changed for the better, i decided to do so as well.

    its good that you decided to be a man about it, good luck.

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