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    Hi Everbody

    The last time I signed on and became a member, I was on a mission to find out how to refoam a pair of vintage speakers, ergo, I took on the name AllisonOne. I did find out what I needed to know and they are working great, thanks to the information found on the forum. I can be a resource for anyone who needs advice about that process.
    By the way my equipment: From the top down: Revox B77 Reel to Reel - yeah, they're still out there ; Linn Sondek LP12; Nakamichi CR-7A and MB-1s (it took a long time for me to transition from vinyl and tape to CDs); Yamaha T70 Tuner, Yamaha C-2 Preamp, White 4100A EQ, Burwen Transient Noise Eliminator (TNE 7000) and on the bottom, a SAE 2200 and Bryston 4B. The B77, TNE 7000 and C-2 need tune ups. Everything is else mint and going strong. I have yet to find anyone who after talking to them leaves me with a feeling that they will not will fleece me and return my equipment scratched or in a worser condition than when I took it in. Any body out there knows a tech in New York City area that is a pro with white glove standards and is reasonable?
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    Hey Allison.

    Welcome to the forum. I thought I'd give a bump to this thread for your question, and also tell you that I have a pair of Advent Minis awaiting the exact same repair, you did to your speakers. So links and descriptions are welcome.


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    Welcome Allison One!, Thanks for wanting to share your refoaming knowledge with us.

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