Hey guys—may I ask your advice, please?:

We know a nice couple with a built-in six-zone sound system, controlled by proprietary apps on tablets over their WiFi. It's stopped working, and they've been told it'll cost several $K to fix it.

It's an older system, and they're thinking it may not be worth re-investing in it when newer, simpler, more energy-efficient systems must be available now. (The router, amp, media server and zone controller all had to be left on full-time, as this was apparently before standby mode was the norm.)

They have iPhones, and would be glad to play their music from those, removing the need for a server. They'd also be playing only one track at any time, so they wouldn't need a multi-user, multi-channel setup.

I'm not a pro installer, but I know how to set up "smart" devices, and how to connect speaker leads to amps. So I told them I'd help if I could.

Is there such a thing as a "smart" amp that can switch up to six sets of wired speakers, and be controlled from iPhones? Or perhaps an amp / zone-controller combo that I could get working for them?

(BTW, watt-wise, the speakers are your typical round, ceiling-mounted type. Only one zone has 4; the others have 2. I may be able to get actual specs on them, though, if you think it's important.)

If this isn't the best section of the forum for this, feel free to point me to the right one.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!