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    Talking What speaker whould I buy?

    Sorry POGI.I didn't realize that you were in the Orient - so my advice is useless however, may I make some points..When setting up a sound system remember that sound is not a function of what you hear but a function of physics. When you sing through the scale you are either on key or off key. You sing doh rey me. These notes have one sound only -no compromises. Remember that your speaker while it has its own quality only it reproduces what it hears.

    If your budget constrains you from buying good line equipment that is understandable. If budget is your drawback there are ways around it. Remember that audiophiles have to have the newest advances in the area of sound so as a result they will trade off their out of date equipment to their dealer for give away prices. I once purchased a Linn Sondek turntablelwith tone arm and cartridge. Retail $2900.00. My cost $400.00. Pawn shops are also a good source of high fi equipment as are consignment and thrift shops I compare buying stereo equipment to a young couple who just got marrie So rather than spend their money on heap furniture. They sat on orange crates.

    In closing, I have to say that I disagree with the statement that some people like their music this way or that way..Have you ever noticed that top of the line preamps do not have treble and bass buttons. If you have good equipment you can sit between the speakers and locate the string section or the horn or percussion sections. Listening to "Midfi" is a compromise. A final note. The Japanese are kings in the field of elecronics, but they do not make good speakers. If you have a beer budget but champagne taste, make do with what you can afford, but explore some of the sources I have listed.

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    Its best to look around online, since they have the prices listed.

    McIntosh MCD201 - MCD201 SACD/CD Player Catalog by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. for

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