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    Help..Advice, friends...

    Hello Fellow Audio Entusiast
    ...Im NOT trying to win a spelling-bee ,so excuse my spelling,grammer...
    I am a 36 yr old woman in Toronto..I LOVE music and I love it loud, and I love it to give me goose-bumps.....I have a limited income..My kids listen to rap-hip hop, my Son, Tool and NIN, me? Led Zeppelin, BOC, Old rock..some new, some softer stuff Like Damien Rice, Old Country , 50's 60's Rock etc...I have a Yamaha receiver 5.1 45 w per channel..DTS etc... Paradigm 7seMk3 front speakers, Polk Audio Book shelf speakers for rears, Yamaha 60 watt subwoofer..and crap centre channel...Front speakers have 14 gauge aluminum custm made speaker wires, Sony DVD player..(crap tv)...........

    im trying to build a nice little asking for advice, ohnest opionons, and the ability to ask stupid audio/system im looking for someone kind and patience who knows thier ****..because i know there are alot of speakers/amps out there that dont have "brand" names on them that still kick ass, and then theres the whole, Monster cable bull****.......can someone help?
    Humbly Claire

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    Hello and welcome!
    What is your buget?If you say your centre channel and TV is crap I would start with a Paradigm centre channel to timbre match your front and TV that suit your needs.Most of the people this site will try their best to give you advice so dont be scare ,we dont bite .You might also try the Canadian site
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