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    Hello, Im New Here!

    Just purchased my first home and am really looking forward to setting up a home theatre, wanted to join here and get some idea's flowing. I have a half finished basement, and I plan to setup a projector system down there for movies and have an LCD for tv watching. Look forward to many great discussions
    Be Happy

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    Hey Robb1, welcome to

    Congrats on the home purchase, that's a huge event in life and I hope it's everything you want it to be and more.

    My wife and I just built our first "keeper home"...I've owned 2 others but only for a few years cause we didn't know if we were stayin' or goin'.
    I just built my first real HT room and I have a projector setup as well. Except I use it for TV's that awesome.

    Most of the folks here are friendly and to the point, and we're happy to help anyway we can.

    Don't be shy, ask lots of questions.

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    Welcome aboard. Don't let Kex fool you with the ole "false modesty routine". He built an excellent HT and ah'm quite green wit envy!!! On the other hand there are some great, nice and knowledgable folks here who will go the extra mile to help. You just met one of em in Kex. Pick his brain... (must eat brains!!!!) and ohters and you'll be alright.

    Da Worfster

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    good job on the new home

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    Fresh meat for the grinder!

    Welcome to AR.

    A projector huh? Good move. It's the best way to make movie night at home really feel like a home movie theater.
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