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    Has anyone compared the Audio from an OPPO 83 to their current CDP?

    I'm finally going to splurge this xmas and replace my old no bells Denon DVD player and planning on getting the OPPO 83.

    Just curious as to how audio CDs sound via the dedicated audio outs the 83 has and if the unit sounds better for audio than a dedicated CDP.

    I plan to go head to head with my current Rotel CDP when I actually do get the OPPO but was interested to know what anyone else that already has one thinks about the audio for CDs.

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    I've A/B both my Oppo and my trust Yamaha CDP. The Yammie is analog out the Oppo HDMI. I'm sorry to report that my ears, after decades of playing music, might not be sufficiently sensitive enough to hear the difference if there was one. But suffice to say I heard no discernable difference betwixt the two, but remember, my CDP is low end gear. Someone with a high end CDP and DAC might tell you different.


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    kal rubinson has reviewed oppos in stereophile, check them out.

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    I am in the same position as Worf, just in the opposite direction

    In spite of the fact that I own the SE version, I only use HDMI as my connection, and it is going into a AV processor that re-clocks the in coming data right at the input, and just before processing. I have yet to use the analog inputs, but using them was my first intention when I purchased the SE version. Since my processor utilizes a pure analog bypass(no processing whatsoever), I may hook them up and give them it a comparison. This might be an excellent test of how well my processor handles digital signals versus it analog inputs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Terrence the Terrible
    This might be an excellent test of how well my processor handles digital signals versus it analog inputs.
    That will also be an interesting test. I am mainly interested in how the analog output compares. I plan to use the HDMI for TV and also send the black and reds to my main system. I would be blown away if it compares to or betters the Rotel.

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