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    Talking Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

    It's hailing and raining like hell here but my heart and warm wishes goes out to all my friends here on and to all our sevicemen and women overseas and on duty. May the new year find them all coming home safe and sound.

    Well, be well everyone, give thanks, be happy and I expect cold turkey samiches from everyone!!!!!

    Da Worfster

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    Hear, hear!!! Well said Worfster...
    Best part about dual-citizenship (having both American and Canadian parents) is DOUBLE THE TURKEY!!! (though I lost the fight with my Canadian employer to get both Thanksgiving days off work)
    2nd best part - being able to jump ship during during the Olympics!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Take a moment and look thankful for all of the blessing you have, and I'm not talking about your rig !

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    Add my happy T to this thread too.

    Billions of people alive today would be happy with our scraps. Try to remember this at least once while you pig-out.

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