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    Great Place to get Audio/Video equipment

    Elexa Consumer Products, Inc. is a great place to find all kinds of tech. from audio/video equipment, to electronic car jacks to cellular accessories.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Shill Alert

    I'm always suspicious when a persons first and only three posts, all praising a heretofore unknown retailer, all worded exactly the same, appear on three forums simultaneously.

    Cheez, guy, at least buy some advertising space from AR instead of trying to scam some free publicity..

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    Wooda said the same thing...

    ...but I don't know what the guy is shillin' for...I can't even tell what this outfit sells other than cell-phone accessories...maybe I'm the dim LED, but I can'f figure it...I did a site search for audio and another one for video and came up with EL Zippo matching my search criteria...

    But it is late in my day, je suis fatigue'...

    jimHJJ(...he!!, I'm usin' French idioms...)

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    What a troll!

    I found NO A/V equipment in that link.

    Nice try, loser.

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    New Business Owner

    Not trying to bull**** anyone, just trying to get our google rating up. Just opened the site recently and am adding to it everyday. We are a cellular, audio video, and electronic manufacturer. All of our product are currently in retail stores but we are building a site to sell product as well. Our Audio/ Video line is actually very nice and will be in Circuit City next year first quarter. Should have it up on the site soon.

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