• 01-27-2004, 09:20 AM
    Great online classified site for audio gear

    If you have been spending your time to search for used or new audio equipment, then you probably know that there are not so many places with great classified listings.
    IMHO I think that audiogon.com and ebay.com are the best ones, because they have thousands of items in their lists.
    But there is a problem - all the time somebody sells something for a great price it's gone for a couple of hours.
    So, if you'd like to get something for a good price - you have to spend hours sitting there and looking for just posted items.

    Occasionally I've found a tool (web site) that actually monitor audiogon.com listings and other ones for you, so you do not have to sit there all the time.
    Take a look and may be it can help you to get a new equipment for less bucks.
    Here is a link - http://www.audiowatcher.com

    The tool I mentioned here is "Watcher". (you have to register for that :(, but you can use any email address to get a password...)