good speakers from india

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  • 03-23-2004, 11:01 PM
    good speakers from india
    i heard about the speakers made by lithos india from a friend of mine. i got in touch with their chief - rajiv d souza and had a hearing session at their bandra site. the beautiful thing about the hearing session was that it was conducted in a ordinary living room (not one of those acoustically designed rooms in which you are made to hear the costly foreign brands). the logic being that the sound you hear there is the sound you will get in your own living room. this is in sharp contrast to the foreign brands where the speakers never sound the same when you get it to your home.even though i was looking to buy a home theatre set up - rajiv suggested that i hear the stereo config as that was the best way to assess a system - and once i listened to it i immediately fell in love with the speakers . the clarity and timbre is just amazing . it was a revelation to me that such good quality speakers are available at just a fraction of price of the international brands. i have installed a home theatre set up 5.1 (NOA ) setup along with a yamaha rx-v430 (suggested by lithos ) and am extremely happy with the performance and installation - amazing stuff !!! and once again the speakers are AWESOME !!!! you must listen to them to beliefve it - like the lithos people say listening is believing
  • 04-01-2004, 09:20 AM
    what was the name of the speaker?

    are you in america?