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    Good mini system

    I am looking for a good sounding system for my bedroom. I have a Nait 3R with Linn Keilidh speakers and a Marantz CD player downstairs. A friend is offering me a Linn Classik just 8 months old for $1000 and of course I would have to buy a set of bookshelf such as the Epos 3s etc. I like the fact that the Linn iis compact and all-in-one as I don't want to clutter up my room. Are there any other mini-systems out there reasonably priced that could compare with the Linn? Thanks in advance!

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    Linn's probably the best out there, but NAD also has a similar unit,
    and this thing looks very intriging from JVC:

    digital amps, wood cone speakers, dvd player, sub outs, very compact. denon also has a similar unit.


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    What about Yamaha PianoCraft series?

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