Gear Geek vs. Music Nerd

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  • 01-19-2006, 12:50 PM

    Originally Posted by Feanor
    First off I have to say that your Music Nerd examples pertain to popular music which I hate and never listen to. But that's OK: someone could come up with examples for classical music as damning -- actually, much, much worse.

    I've never been able to get into classical music, try as I might. And, I have tried. I even sung in a choir most of my young life, through high school at least. But, through my experimenting with classical, I did discover Celia Bartoli. Granted its opera, but I must have at a half dozen of her CDs and just love them and she's probably the only classical I buy. Other than that, I have some Mozart for dinner parties.
  • 01-19-2006, 09:04 PM
    happy ears
    Did I pass or fail?
    Proud to say that I am neither a geek or nerd, what do you mean I have to take the test first. Maybe this well help answer the questions, which component is in the shop for repairs not a problem I should be able to lend you one. Wow you got hit with a lightening strike and smoked your whole stereo, still should be able to help you out as I have a back up system just for those days when nothing goes right.

    All your records and CD's where damaged as well let me check the spare pile, lets see a couple of half speed masters of Supertramp, Boston or Pink Floyd, how about some classical records. You prefer CD's well lets check out this pile overhere to see what we got. It gets worse after a close inspections I gave a bunch of records away because I had more than one copy should have had a closer look as I found more of the same.

    Good thing I skipped the test otherwise I might be a geek or nerd at least I am not both, well maybe. So until next time enjoy the music.