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    Flat panel monitor/XBOX

    I recently purchased a new computer and it came with a new flat panel monitor.
    My question is, could I use my old 15" flat panel monitor with my XBOX. Is it
    even worth it?

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    you could yea. but why not just use it with your tv. its probably bigger.

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    watch out when you using LCD or TFT screens.
    Many people dont like using those for games because the refresh rate sometimes isnt as good as CRT monitors. I noticed this with my cousins flat panel. Games like CS tended to lag a little giving a "drunk" feel (much like you move your head...then you feel the image moving).

    Plus, as mentioned...the screen is small. If you play any 2 player shooters its not going to be as fun. I played 4 player Perfect Dark on N64 on a 10inch TV before. It was pretty sad. Couldnt see anything. Shoot and hope for the best.

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