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    Fire, Insurance Replaceing my system need advice

    Hello everyone, my name is Johnathan.

    Ok so here is the story, my house burnt down and now I must replace my system.

    This is what I used to have,
    Sony Receiver amp (no tuner built in)
    Quartz Sony Tuner
    Sony Dual Dub tape decks
    Sony 5 Disc CD Player
    Sony Speaker's 5.1 100w Per Chan
    2 Front
    2 Rear
    Now I had all Monster Cable Products (SPID/F, RCA, Sub Cable, Speaker Wire, Optical etc)

    Ok so lets get to my questions. I have about $2000 to spend on replacing my system itself, Plus replacement cost of all the wires and cables.

    Basically I donít need a CD Deck or Tape Deck. I only want to replace the receiver and speakers, sub, and cables.

    I have digital sound coming in from my laptop(apple) and Home PC through a M-Audio Firewire Audiophile, and my Turntables, Midi Keyboard etc.

    I was hoping that some of you here could direct me in a better direction then Monster for the cables I liked their sound quality but for the money I know there has to be better RCA SPID/F etc.(Yes I know Home-Depot 12AWGfor speaker wire) But I am not paying for this stuff and all my cables have to be replaced so if I donít spend the money I loose it.

    Also I could use some help with speakers and receiver choices I would like to stay with the 100w x5 or 100x 7 Chan in my budget and was looking at Sony to do this, speakers I have not even started to look at yet. I have around $2000 for speakers sub and receiver as I said above so any suggestions in this price range would be great.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Various cables - $125
    Yamaha HTR-5760 - $399.99 delivered (authorized internet dealer)
    nOrh ceramic 4.0 video package - $575 ($500+ shipping assuming you decide to buy mine. They are the blue/silver color. New they go for $850 delivered. You'll either love or hate the looks.)
    SVS 25-31PC+ - $775 + shipping so look for it to be around $825ish delivered.

    Total - $1,925

    The above is a simple recommendation to get you started. Of course, a great deal depends upon your room size (L x W x H), especially with regards to the sub. You may need to spend more or it could be relatively inexpensive (around $450). Used gear can save you money. There is an abundance of speakers to choose from. You could get a lesser receiver or more powerful one but the price will probably be around $400 for one that you will keep. You may as well try to get better quality gear than what you had before.

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