Dvd-a, Sacd, Dts Cd

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  • 01-12-2004, 04:58 AM
    Dvd-a, Sacd, Dts Cd
    Can anyone tell me the difference between all these? Is DTS CD the same as DVD-A?
    When will one format prevail?
    Do I need go out and buy one of these players?
    Are there any players which will play all the formats?
    What are the "Bass Managment" problems with DVD-A that I keep hearing about??

  • 01-12-2004, 06:38 AM
    DVD-A is a relatively newer audio format...extremely high resolution, sounds very good. They don't play in standard DVD video players, but there are several decent "universal" DVD players that play both DVD video, DVD-a, and even SACD. Pioneer 563a gets alot of attention because it's versatile and affordable.
    Most DVD-A titles include a Dobly Digital or DTS track that your old DVD-video player will play. I find these to sound very good, better than CD audio, but I think technically CD audio is suppose to be superior to DD or DTS. I'd appreciate it if someone could provide a direct comparison between DTS and CD audio. Anyway, DVD-A's also include high resolution 5.1 audio and 2 channel steroe tracks that far exceed the sound quality of Dolby Digital and DTS DVD's and CD's.
    Generally, if the recording is done right or an old album remastered carefully, DVD-A blows CD audio and DTS out of the water. But some are pretty bad.
    I recently received 3 DVD-A's for xmas, and bought a few more. I'm stuck listening to them in my standard DVD player though in Dolby Digital or DTS, looking to buy a "universal" DVD player soon.
    Only you can decide if you need to go get a DVD-A player
    As far as one format prevailing...who knows...but if you enjoy the high quality format, you should be able to get your money's worth long before either becomes obsolete.
    Don't know much about the "Bass Management" problems, but I'm under the impression it has more to do with certain models of players and not the format in general.