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    Do I need an AMP????

    I am looking into buying the Martin Logan Aerius speakers for my HT/Audio system.

    Question1: They are used so is there something I should be looking for to tip me off that they have been abused?

    Question2: I have the ONKYO 603 7.1 reciever that is 90 watts per channel. Will this have enough power to get them up and running?

    I am not against buying an AMP, I most likely will. But will my existing set up work for now?

    I am sort of new to the home audio, I do have 1800 watts in my truck, so my question is...
    Will an AMP be hooked up just like in my truck? After the reciever and before the speakers, or do I need a whole new reciever that is not powered?

    If I am correct in assuming that an AMP can be connected to my existing ONKYO, what would be the minimum wattage that I should be looking for? Tubes or Digital?

    I really appreciate the help, I will keep everyone informed on my progress.

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    I have seen these work in a high end store. They require a higher end amplfier to work properly since they are electrostatic speakers. I think they are rated 4 ohms and as such the amplfier that pushes them should be rated to deliver good quality sound at 4 ohms. I do not think your Onkyo receiver is in that league though you can check your manual. I could not tell you what to look out buying used speakers of this kind. Perhaps some other members of the board might help you on that as well as suggest other aspects of audio info for these speakers. One thing I can say, they do sound awfully good.

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    May need more power..

    Have a friend with the same speakers. Since they are running at 4 ohms you will want some more power to run them to get acceptable performance. Also you will likely need a good bass kicker as his were lacking in strong bass. Placement is also an issue as he found they needed to be 3-4 feet from side and back walls to project properly. I listened to them and the soundstage was incredible. Close your eyes and you have no idea where the speakers are located. Also the listening area sweet spot is not hudge. He is driving his witha a pair of Bryston 4b's. They kick out 250 watts @8 ohms so will likely be 350 at 4. All in all they are incredible, and he wouldnt trade them for anything.
    I'm sure you will find more people in here with the same speakers, and they can give you more detailed information than I can, after only half a dozen listenings to them.
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    It was my experience that Martin Logans benefit greatly from external amplification. Don't get me wrong, they'll play with just the Onkyo but you'll not start hearing the magic until you feed 'em more current.
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    Just what I figured

    I thank all of you for responding. I sort of figured i was going to need more power (Tim Allen confirmed that!!)
    Seriously, I do plan on getting an external amp at some point. I have a sub and surrounds that will work for now.

    I am just starting to build my system and I have spent hours researching speakers.

    The price for these speakers is a steal so I have to buy them and work my way up, does everyone agree???

    If I have the speakers, I am ahead of the game.

    Any suggestions on the amp that will pair well with my onkyo?

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    Does your Onkyo have pre outs?

    I own an Onkyo TX-SR 604 and it does not have pre amp outputs to connect an outboard power amp.Also mine is rated for 6 or more ohms minimum so I hope you'll do your homework before you decide to hook your 4 ohm MLs to it.I use a Denon HT receiver for a pre amp myself (it has the pre outs) even though I own a vintage Harman Kardon,I like the digital inputs and having a remote,If you end up needing a pre amp,there are places to find a used one reasonable like Craigslist,Fleabay or if you are in or near a larger city there is likely to be a dealer who sells used gear.Good Luck and enjoy those MLs oops,didn't realize your post was 3 weeks old

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    Your Onkyo 603 does not have preamp outs, so you will need a new receiver or a separate multichannel amp and preamp.
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    it seems you need a change of electronics.

    the onkyo will probably do for the interim but something more rubust is probably in your future.

    i have seen aerius' driven by 40 nad wpc successfully but not at particularly high volume.

    a nuforce avp and adcom mc amp might be in the affordable range. at least 100wpc is a safe bet.

    check out nuforce' site for dealers in your area, they also have a mc amp.

    its possible that the onkyo receiver reviewed in a recent tas would be adequate for your needs.

    the onkyo receiver below is about $900:

    reviewed in issue 188 of tas, december 08.

    robert harley is the reviewer and his acumen is in the highest league. 100wpc, right up your alley. this seems like a great answer.

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