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    Quote Originally Posted by drmorgan
    ...and wandered into SSS (funny logo for him to pick)
    It stood for "sight and sound systems".

    Quote Originally Posted by drmorgan
    Actually if what you contended mattered then the systems would not have failed in delivery of sound as the old do. It is not what these guys conjecture or describe and allege that counts. It is what people hear and how they feel about it.
    Performance is relative and like cars, has NOT stood still for the past thirty years. Since you like Mercedes, let's talk about them for a moment. In 1970, the fastest sedan was the 300SEL 6.3. It's huge motor put out 250 hp and would accelerate from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and could go 130 mph. I cannot find any lateral cornering figures, but a 4000 lb vehicle riding on skinny 205 tires would likely score in the 0.75 range. Like a truck today. My Acura TL has the same power with an engine half the size and will go 0-60 in 5.9 seconds and top out at 152 mph. It corners at 0.90 G. This having a ULEV rating and far more creature comforts. And it's a mid range product in today's market. The best is considerably faster. Same story. Good is good and remains so. Better remains better!

    Quote Originally Posted by drmorgan
    I do note that the engineers I know who have looked at the issues from cabling to AC power and the claims.... think that people are most likely working around patents to come up with rationalizations
    Which world class audio components have they designed? Or are they speculating like you having ZERO exposure?

    Quote Originally Posted by drmorgan
    When I look at why people are not making speakers today like those it has to do with several cost and quality issues, not science.
    You are deluding yourself. You can buy cone tweeters like the Bozak uses today for three bucks. No one uses the side-by-side arrangement of drivers not because of cost reasons, but because it degrades the image. Contrary to your assumption to the contrary, speaker design has marched considerably forward. Only a fool would deliberately make those choices today, regardless of cost. And they don't! Look here for some examples of current speaker technology and those pesky cables. THIS is what can be done today. BTW, those speakers run about $70k.

    Quote Originally Posted by drmorgan
    I'm happy that you enjoy your music. Gads, we'd all be crazier without it.

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    Stop living in the past.

    I'm personally very glad you are happy with the sound of your system. I'm sure that 25 years ago it was "Fi" of the highest quality. However, that does not qualify you to comment on current hi-end gear.
    Please stop trying to come off as some kind of authority. Your knowledge base for recent and current hi-end gear is non-existent. Therefore, your opinions about it have little validity.
    You have stated more than once that the science and engineering of gear especially speakers has not advanced. If you truly believe that, is a site that will welcome your beliefs.
    Most of the members there actively search out the "vintage" gear you say has never been bettered. There are many posters there that love speakers like your "vintage" Bozaks. Of course there are an equal number who love Cerwin Vega's. Your knowledge of vintage speakers and gear would be quite helpful to others as enamored with products from earlier eras.
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