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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Anderson
    Is there anyway I can tell if that's happening to me?
    If it is a conventiional class AB unit there could be some current limiting going on at full tilt. Try playing a very dynamic piece like The Rite of Spring and you should be able to determine your answer. That's especially where large gauge cords come in handy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Anderson
    I'm talking about the outlet on the wall. Looking at the photo in the link you posted, it doesn't appear to be a standard three-pronged plug on the male end of the cord.
    Perhaps the picture is deceptive. Here's a different shot:

    They use heavier duty connectors than your basic $3 cord.


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    You are aall ssso sssilly!Sssibilansss iss ssso obviousssly causssed by gay guysss working asss recording engineersss! Itsss nothing to do with your big mucho sssound sssyssstemsss.


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    I wanted to clarify what I wrote earlier. I agree there is a short term listening fatigue that you get when exposed to distorted music after only a short period of time. And after a short rest your good to go again.
    I was refering to prolonged exposure to listening presumingly on your home hi-end system that has little to no distortion. Eventually a novice listener or a person not use to extended listening sessions will develope listening fatigue. For myself when I encountered this I was worried that I had damaged my hearing. I then took a break from music for a few days and when I began to listen again it was at low volume and just background music until my mind and ears recovered.
    I still experience listening fatigue or irritation when exposed to distorted music. But not when listening to my system.

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